Friday, November 4, 2011

Race Mojo

There are few moments in life where you are just in awe of everything around you.  I think that being at the start of one of the largest marathons might just be one of those moments.  Tons of people, music is pumping, the buzz in the air of the helicopters circling around, and oh yes, the flyovers over impressive aircraft.  All of that going on at once is like crack for a runner.  Simply standing there to take that all in gives you enough motivation to do virtually anything.  As one of those people standing there to wish our runners off at the Marine Corps Marathon, I couldn't help but get caught up in the moment just before the race was about to start.

It was like an electric pulse throughout my body.  I. wanted. to. race.  Now unfortunately, I wasn't racing MCM.  Because I'm pretty sure that feeling right then and there would have propelled me 26.2 miles, despite not being adequately trained to run the race, given my comeback from injury.  But it did get me going inside.

Reliving that day in my head has me more excited than ever for this weekends 10k.  Sure it isn't going to be a big race, nor is it a marathon.  But when I need to reach deep down on race day, I'll think about those moments on MCM morning and use them to my benefit.

We all need some race mojo and I think I just found mine!

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it's all about pace said...

good luck!

go fast!

kick ass


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