Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekly Roundup

Another week, back at it with full on marathon training.  This week was finally a step forward, with my body fully rested from the down week last week.  Most of my runs felt sluggish till I did speed work on Thursday, which re-energized my body, just in time for my long run on Saturday.  The time leading up to Saturday was the toughest part of the week for me.  With holidays, parties, and family dinners going on, it was a challenge to stick to the plan.  But I did!  Friday night, some of Rebecca's friends were in town and going out in our neighborhood.  Naturally, we agreed to meet them out.  Rebecca had no reason not to, its just me any my training plan that is always in the back of head, reminding me that I can't go out too late, because I have a 14 mile run the next day.  And usually, 14 mile runs are not very fun hung over.  So, I had 1 beer and as 11 pm or so rolled around, I casually announced that I needed to leave.  Of course, this was after I had already pushed away a shot of Jager, so I already felt like a wuss.  I walked out of the bar and went home and was in bed by 11:30, so I more or less would get a decent nights sleep.  Its just always a constant battle between managing fun outside of endurance sports and the fun of endurance sports.  The battle will continue as it always does.

I made it to my running group on time and ready to go 14 the next morning.  The run this week was along the canal towpath and then up the Capital Crescent Trail toward Bethesda.  The problem with this run is that the first half is always uphill, so it is difficult to gauge my level of effort, since my heart rate is higher when climbing a hill.  In this case, more or less the first 7 miles were up hill and the last 7 miles were downhill.  In the end it all worked out, since my heart rate was right on target.  Overall, the run felt great and I managed to average 8:30/mile.

On tap for this week, my long run distance is still up in the air.  The plan called for 15, but the group I run with, which is also on a training schedule for the National Marathon, has a step back week of 12 miles.  Because I had to compress my schedule a bit, I am off a little, but will catch up in a week or so with theirs.  I guess I will play it by ear based on how my body responds from this past week's increase in volume.  15 or 12....we shall see.

Have a great week and Happy New Years!

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Rainmaker said...

The CCT is always enjoyable - especially on the way back. As for 12 vs 15 - nobody will mind if ya go 15 instead of 12. Plus, you're fast enough that you'll be done with 15 while some folks are juts finishing 12. ;)


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