Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Figuring Out The 2009 Race Schedule

I've gone back and forth a million times over my goals for this year.  I'd love to have some time to focus on running, but I also miss the variation of training for triathlons.  However, the triathlon training does take a significant amount of more time and my New Years Resolution/Personal Goal is to have more time to spend with friends.  Because the Patriots Half was canceled due to Hurricane Hanna, I have a credit for either 50% off this year's race or full entry to a shorter event.  So this has me thinking that I should just do a shorter race, so I can 1) Focus on my running and 2) Have more time to spend with friends.  So, without further ado - I give you an early preview of my race schedule for 2009:

October 4 - Army 10 Miler

First, a couple of notes about this schedule:
- I've only signed up for the first 2 events in this calendar
- There may be a few other races thrown in as I see fit
- The Ukrop Monument 10k will likely be run/walked, depending on how I am feeling after the National Marathon.  Rebecca and I are going down to visit with some friends who are also running this race, so there is no personal goal for this race
- Battle of the Boulevard is literally 2 blocks away from me.  Rebecca has run in it 2 years in a row, but I have never been able to run in it.  I'd like to do that this year.
- For the past few years, I have either raced or spectated at the Luray Triathlons.  This is a great local race.  To up the ante a little bit, I will be doing the Luray Double and competing in both races back to back.  I'd urge anyone local to do this race.
- I'd like to do a fall marathon this year and have my eyes on the Marine Corps Marathon, since it is another local race that I have trained with people for and spectated at.  We'll see, but its on the schedule for now.

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jeanne said...

wow, that's ambitious--two marathons! i know what you mean about tris and running ...and time! if i can fit it in, maybe i'll try for luray. i'm still waiting to see what the club race will be this year.

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