Friday, September 5, 2008

Never Have I Ever Con't

So the big news is that the race was canceled this morning.  Its a relief that I won't have to be riding through 50 mph winds and torrential rains.  That, I am happy about.  I also got fully refunded on my hotel reservation.  Thanks Hampton Inn for being so understanding!

What I am not happy about is the refund policy of the race.  They have notified us that we will receive 50% of our entry toward next year's race.  While I know their policy is no refunds within 2 weeks of the race, I thought a reasonable compromise would have been credit to a future race or some cash back.  A FULL credit, not 50% though is what I expected.  I understand all the stuff that had to be bought way ahead of time, but the reality is that a lot of that can go toward other races held in the near future.  Water and other goods that were to be used will still be used for the Olympic and Sprint distances, assuming they don't get canceled, which they aren't expected to be.  There are also a few more races left in the season that are being put on by the company, so they could be used.  I just don't think 50% credit is reasonable.

So with that, I say goodbye to my triathlon season and hello to the fall running season.  Stay tuned.

I will end with: Never have I ever...had a race canceled due to threat of hurricane.  Drink up!


Scott said...

I'm pretty pissed about the refund issue. Their policy is clearly geared towards runners canceling, not them canceling the event. It's a load of crap and I will never sign up for an event with them again.

No swag, no money, no more racing!

Shannon said...

I'm participating in the "Run-Bike" Olympic distance tomorrow. I think you can go by and pick up your "swag" in the morning. They will mail you the swag in a couple of weeks.

Bummer for you guys. Sorry...

jeanne said...

that totally sucks!

Kylie said...

sucks, but makes sense. Much of the money for race day goes to permits and city staffing (police). So that is not recovered by the organizers. Shirts with dates on them can't be reused, the same with awards. It is a risk of the sport.


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