Monday, March 3, 2008

Please Share the Pool

Hello water aerobics class! Yes, we love how you take up half of the swim lanes on any given day. Yes, we love how you play such great music hits as Y.M.C.A. We swimmers, who you know...SWIM in the pool...can deal with that. I'm WAY past that.

What I can't deal with is the fact that your time in the pool starts at 6:30, not 6:15...not 6:20 or 6:25. Just because you are going to be doing water aerobics in the 3 lanes on the end does not give you the right to jump in...cannonball style, mind you...into the lane before the class starts. Before the pool people remove the lane dividers. I was in a lane 2 over from the end. This woman decided that she could just jump into a lane with a swimmer in it, so that she could get some pre-aerobics cannonball action. Memo to water aerobics lady: You can jump into the water AFTER the lane dividers have been moved. NOT before.

So can't we all just get along and SHARE the pool. Come 6:30, the pool is all yours. Until then, if you want to get into pool, you better be prepared to share with the rest of us.


The Lazy Triathlete said...

Dude I feel your pain. We don't have the water aerobics problem, we have the non masters swimmers show up early and want to swim. Then they get pissed when we don't let them swim.

Rainmaker said...

Same problem here with the swim-school classes. The kids actually jumped into the pool (like 5 of them) into my lane while I was still doing laps. The coach was like "We have the pool at 7PM", to which I was like "Great, it's 6:55". He was bigger, there were more of them. They won. :(


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