Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nations Tri Expo - Come Say Hi

For those of you racing Nations Tri (which means at least 5k of you out there), CLIF will be sampling products at the expo as in years past. If you are racing, or plan to stop by the expo to check out some good tri deals, swing by the CLIF table and say hi. If for nothing else, we always provide more sustenance in the form of samples than pretty much any other vendor there. Hope to see you there - I'll be there all day Friday and after 2 on Saturday. P.S. - If enormously large triathlons aren't your thing and you are racing the Reston Triathlon, I'll be the head ref officiating that race. Look for me in the zebra uniform and say hi. Yep - its shaping up to be quite the tri related weekend.

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