Monday, September 10, 2012

Feeling the Effects of the Weekend

This weekend was a mess of lots of different things - all fun and exciting, but a mess when you slap it all together into a package of things to do from Friday - Sunday. So let's start with Friday and work our way through shall we?

Friday - Up early (5:30 am) for an easy 4 mi run (would have been a moderately long run, but my alarm never went off) and then shower, eat breakfast and off to the Nations Tri expo. I spent the day (10 am - 8 pm) working for CLIF, sharing the love (and LOTS of samples) with the 5000+ triathletes and their families. Working an expo is exhausting since you are on your feet all day, lifting heavy things, and constantly engaging with others. However, it is an opportunity to speak with passionate people and share knowledge and advice with others - something I absolutely love to do. Before I knew it, it was 8 pm and we were shutting down for the day.

 Saturday - Up early (5 am) for coaching our =PR= DTP runners through their weekly long run. Many of them are in the midst of building toward Marine Corps, New York, and Richmond, so the miles area really starting to add up. Its always exciting to see how much stronger they are, when they come back from an 18 mi run that only a month ago had them crawling to the finish. It was still warm and humid, so the weather was still a bit rough. Can't wait to see how things play out come race day for everyone! As for myself, I got in 12 miles with 1.5 of them at 10k pace (6:30/mi). Being on my feet all day from the expo left me lacking some zip, so I felt like I had to work a little harder than normal for those miles. Still a solid run, nonetheless. After DTP, it was back home to shower and eat, and then back to the Nations Tri expo to work the remainder of the day. Again, a very enjoyable time - energized by my solid run earlier in the day and a few cups of coffee, speaking to so many athletes excited to take on the race.

Sunday - Rather than officiating Nations, I decided to be even more local and officiate the Reston Triathlon, which is only a few miles from home. Though I still had to get up early (4 am), I would have had to get up even earlier for Nations. With a major storm having blown through on Saturday, Sunday morning brought about chilly temps in the 50s - perfect for racing! As an added bonus, it brought down the water temps to make for a wetsuit legal race. Overall, the race was great. Great weather, great course, great race management. Though I've long wanted to race this local tri, it never worked with my schedule and it always sold out early. Now I know why. It is simply one of those races that any local must do - and with a lot of local speedy athletes, great volunteers, support, and race swag! And since there are so many speedy people, everyone likes to call it - The World Triathlon Championship of Reston.  One day when I decide to get back into triathlon I will race this.

Overall, a great weekend of doing lots of different things.  However, missed spending some quality time with Rebecca and the Z man, since I only got little snippets of time with them.  And I never really had a chance to sit down until Sunday afternoon when I crashed pretty hard, despite the excitement of all the NFL games.  That continued through this morning, where I had zero interest or ability to get myself up to go for a morning run, despite temps in the 50s, so I slept in.  Instead, I promised Tucker that we'd go in the afternoon, since temps will still be cool enough for him to run, so that's the plan.  Hopefully, by tomorrow morning, my body will be back to normal, because that's my only real chance to get in a good run. And with this cool weather, I'm mentally ready to get after it!

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