Friday, June 8, 2012

Making It Happen

As expected, being a dad has brought a new definition to the term "busy" to my world.  This of course means that all the other "stuff" you used to do takes a back seat to your primary responsibility of taking care of the little man.  Of course, this doesn't mean life as you know it is over, either.  For years since I've been reading blogs, I've come to learn the sacrifices that people make in order to make things work.  For example, waking up early to get a workout in, simply because if it is going to happen, then that is when it will.  I never fully grasped this concept until I placed myself into the situation once Baby Z entered the world.

For me personally, when I am gone all day at work and get home, I want to see the little guy, not leave out the door again for 1-2 hrs, only to see him for a few short hours before we are off to sleep to do it all over again.  I want to spend as much time as possible within my means.  So if I want to run, often times the morning is the best chance.  Both Baby Z and Rebecca are still sleeping at 5 am and still are typically by the time I come back, so it just makes sense.  Nobody loses out, except for my body, which will eventually adapt to the slightly short sleep cycle.

The main difference between my morning runs now versus before Baby Z are the urgency.  Like I said, if I am going to get a run in now, this is when it will happen, period.  There is no guarantee that I will have another moment later on, so if I want to get a run in, first thing it is.  Previously, I'd set my alarm and if I was tired still, I'd just get the run in later in the day, no biggie.  Now, I don't really have that option.  When I get home from work, it is one thing after another, between spending time with him, giving him a bath, eating dinner, etc.  Before I know it, it is 9 pm and the last thing I feel like doing is going for a run, whether outside in the dark or on the treadmill at home.  Of course, that may change at some point if I absolutely need to get in a run when I am actually training for something that requires more dedication, but the key is this:

The priorities in your life change when you have a baby.  No doubt about it.  But since running is still a high priority in my life, I have to make time for it.  Nobody else will do the work for me.  If I want it, I need to make it happen.

And that is exactly what I am doing.

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Foges said...

i know what you are going through. my workouts switched to 5am 19 months ago when our son was born. it gets easier. i have a training partner to keep me accountable, however!


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