Monday, April 23, 2012

Updates, Updates, Updates

I kind of envision that title to be said in your head similar to the monster truck commercials of "Sunday, Sunday, Sunday"...but anyways, I feel like I've been slipping away here with being busier and all.  You know the drill - you get a great idea for a post and by the time you get to the point of going to write it, you either forget or realize you don't have time to write it up.  So I've been in one of those modes for the past few weeks.  So let's get to it bullet point style:

- A new project at work has me commuting a significantly more amount of time than previously.  Though I don't have any reason to complain, since the vast majority of my previous project had me working from home, this commute is a bit of a drag - up to 2 hours each way, depending on traffic.  Typically though, this would include a variety of modes of transportation including, walking, buses, and metro, so the time does go by.  However, take away approximately 4 hours from anyone's day and I guarantee you they'd struggle to find time for things too.

- I had hoped to run a 5k this past weekend as my first real fitness indicator, but I started feeling sick on Saturday night and Sunday morning, so that idea got axed.  And ever since, its been cold and dumping rain, which makes my running motivation pretty low.  I know I'll feel better once I get myself out the door, its just that when the weather changes so drastically, it is always difficult.  And if I am already feeling no so good, going out in pouring rain and 40 degrees ain't my thing.

- I'd like to redeem myself from this weekend's lack of racing by signing up for another 5k in 2 weeks, since I can't race this coming weekend.  I've already scoped out some race options, so I have a few courses to choose from.  I'm excited to see where I'm at, because I've sort of been in a steady training phase since the marathon, so the race will give me a baseline of my fitness and where I want to go from there.  I'm feeling really good and know where I should be.  Just have to validate that with a fitness test before moving forward.

- Rebecca and I are in countdown mode!  Things are really getting down the wire now.  Roughly one month to go.  I like to think that we're ready, but you never really can be ready for life-altering changes like this.  I know we have a great support network of friends and family around us, so it will be a team effort, but I can't help but feel ready for it.  Or maybe its just the anticipation of finally meeting someone you've witnessed develop over the past 9 months.  Either way, we're excited about it!  And if I thought I was busy before (see 1st bullet above), we'll I'm not kidding myself into thinking that my definition of busy won't be changing.  It will for sure.  But that kind of busy is the good kind.  Commuting for 2 hours isn't!

I think those are about all the updates I've got for now.  Stay tuned for more...

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