Friday, December 16, 2011

Stop Racing Me Dude

First, let me say - holy moly wind Batman!  That was nuts out there!  Despite temps being in the 50s in mid December (awesome!), the wind was really a pain this morning.  Especially in that first mile when it really made me want to turn around.  While going up hill.  Into the wind.  Yea, not a great way to start off the run.  BUT, once we crested the hill, it was smooth sailing (literally) as the wind was now at our backs and we were flying!  But I digress...

Have you ever had those moments where someone is racing you, but you aren't racing them?  I'm pretty sure you have.  Or maybe it was reversed and you were racing a person that didn't realize they were being raced.  Anyways, let me set the stage for ya:

Me: shorts and a t-shirt, light colors for best visibility a 6:30 AM, out for an easy jog (tomorrow IS a long run)
Dude: long baggy pants, hoodie sweatshirt, wool hat, gloves, all black colors top to bottom

The story goes like this - Tucker and I were running our usual 4 mile route and after cresting a hill, we came upon this dude and quickly passed him.  Of course, about 15 seconds later, I can hear his heavy footsteps and breathing, so I know he just drastically picked up the pace.  Perhaps, intimidated that he just got passed by someone barely breathing audibly (remember this was an easy run - keep it easy!) and by a dog, also not audibly breathing (Tucker's getting in good shape!).  So I take extra steps to not look back, because I don't want him to think I am actually racing, because I'm NOT.  Luckily, its time for Tucker to take care of some business, so I give ourselves extra time to let a gap open up, so there won't be any racing today.  Well what do you know - in less than 1/2 mile of running, we catch back up to him.  He obviously slowed down, since I was running the same easy pace the whole way, and now his form is sloppy with arms crossing over and a terrible, terrible heel strike in what look to be cross trainers.  So we once again make a pass (what else could I have done?) and he picks the pace back up!  Only this time, his breathing is loud and I can hear the wheezing.  So I did what any sane person would do in that situation and tried to turn down a random road, knowing he probably wouldn't be following me.  And thankfully it worked, because he didn't follow.

So what is the lesson here?  The lesson is: RUN YOUR OWN WORKOUT!


Sean in NY said...

If I were you, I might've waited for the heavy-breathing + heel-stomping to make their way up to my back shoulder... and then TURNED ON THE GAS and dropped him. :) At that point, you and he both know you OWN that sidewalk/road and that if he happens to catch you after you slow down, it's only because you let him.

Nothing like a little running justice!!

Sean in NY said...

Oh, and I used to "race" people on the DC trails all the time. Except, it was more like "acquire target," then "chase-down target," and then look for a new target. I wouldn't sprint to pass someone and then put my hands on my hips and start walking. It was more of a fartlek thing.


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