Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An Obvious Sign of Some Sweating Going On

What's the tell tale sign of someone who works out a lot?  A simple answer might be that they always smell and that'd probably be true, especially if they are a swimmer.  You never can seem to get that chlorine smell out completely, can you?  Of course, for basic runners and cyclists, a good old fashion shower can usually do the trick.  But let's say you step into someone's house - how would you know?

Here's the short answer - check their bathroom for hanging/discarded workout clothes.  Take Example A below:

I mean, its not even laundry time yet, as I'm only about 1/4 way through my workout stash of clothes.  I guess the lesson here is that colder weather brings about more things to dry.  And yes, there is even a pair of cycling shorts in there, because I went to spinning with Rebecca - always fun to mix things up.  So while laundry will be done shortly in the new few days to reset the bathtub from looking like the throwaway pile from the startline of a marathon, I don't foresee this pile looking much differently a week from now, as it will be layered with a new batch of clothes.  I mean, who uses a bathtub anyways for bathing?


it's all about pace said...

I have a garden tub in the master bath that I throw my we workout stuff in too... looks alot like yours right now

Rainmaker said...

So awesome to see someone else does the same thing with the tub as well. I've been vindicated now... :)

Jessica (Pace of Me) said...

this cracks me up - we have a work sink in our basement laundry room and that is where dump all my sweaties before washing them. and then of course it all has to hang dry so my laundry room is quite the spectacle especially in the winter months!
i had no idea you wrote a blog - i'm so excited to read through your previous posts and catch up.
thanks for everything, coach! see you early tomorrow morning!!


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