Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More than 3 Years and 5,000+ Miles

I started to think it would never have to come to this day.  Thoughts crept into the back of my head each time, but I never once told anyone for fear of bad bike karma.  Well on Friday, that day finally came.  After 3 years and nearly 5,000 miles, I got my 1st flat tire on my bike...yes, you read the right - FIRST. FLAT. TIRE!

It appears to be due to a little rock that managed to find itself a nice little crawl space inside my tire.  I knew I was going to have to replace my tires soon, because (as you can see) they were really starting to wear down, so I figure any flat would result from the tire tread and not from the tube inside.

But the best part?  I didn't notice any signs of the flat until I was transporting my bike from my car to the bike rack inside my house, which was after a great 35 mile ride on Friday.  Funny how those things happen.  Sometimes things just work out a certain way.  Other times they don't.  Fortunately the cycling folks up in the sky were smiling down upon me this time.

I'm sure another time it may be a little bit of a different story...

Now as for the changing of the tire...that didn't work out so easily.  My older tubes had become a bit less stretchy and seemed to tear pretty easily when I was trying to instal the new tire.  So after multiple attempts that included buying a few new tubes (and a little assistance from Rebecca), we're all up and running again ;)

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it's all about pace said...

5k w/o a flat... nice run... you must be living right =;-)


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