Monday, May 16, 2011

Hitting the Track Just Before Sunset

I had planned on getting my interval workout done a bit earlier, but a nasty line of storms rolled through in the afternoon, which forced a slight rain delay.  The weather was simply amazing for running (low 70s) and I was all ready to go, when I took one glance outside and saw the dark clouds approaching.  A quick check of the radar and....uh oh...rain delay!  So I did a few more things to try and pass the time and before I knew it, the rain had stopped.  Which meant that I'd have to high tail it to the track to get everything done in time before it got dark.

The track workout for the day was a straightforward one - 8 x 800 with 2:00 recoveries.  On paper,  these workouts never seem to be all too difficult.  But once you get around 5-6 reps into the workout, you start dreaming of life without another 800 repeat in it.  Sure enough, before I knew it, they were over.  And the sun...well it was just starting to set, so I managed to get everything in with some time to spare. 

There's always something more meaningful when you finish a workout when the sun is either rising or setting.  Not sure what it is about those situations, but no matter what kind of workout it is, if it finishes up on either end of those 2 situations, it just brings a little more joy to the day.  Not too shabby a way to end my day if I say so myself.


it's all about pace said...

I finish a couple of runs a week at dawn... maked me feel like a doer. :-)


I was totally bummed about the weather yesterday, too! I had a bike ride scheduled (I have a tri this weekend and have only been on the bike 2 times this year) - and I had to cancel it.

Great track workout! 8x800 is NOT easy!

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