Monday, April 25, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Tuna Can

We've seen it with tons of products lately - a cutback of 3-5% in the portion size we receive from products.  The most commonly reported one is the standard yogurt can - which used to be 8 oz and can be found anywhere from 5-6 oz these days.  But as a consumer, you don't really notice it.  It's the same product you've been buying at the same price.  Nothing has changed.  Until you purchase the changed product and notice the difference when you finish your meal and are left wondering why that last bite or three is missing.

One of the things we like to do is buy in bulk when items are on sale.  Who doesn't try to save a few bucks here and there?  We'll I recently bought some name brand tuna (I usually buy the store brand since it is cheaper and better quality IMHO) and took home about 10 cans.  When I went into the pantry to stack them like I normally do, I noticed that the new ones wouldn't stack on the 1 remaining store brand can I still had.  It was then that I took a closer look.

- Older store brand can = 6 oz
- New name brand can = 5 oz

(It is here that I need to disclose that I would have had my own picture, but I ummm...ate the evidence....ooops!)

I was duped!  And now that I've learned this, I've done some scouting and come to the conclusion that all the other competitor cans are also 5 oz. 

Seems kinda fishy, no?

 Well I'm glad at least that the brand I prefer still has maintained its 6 oz size, because we athletes get hungry and need that extra ounce!

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