Thursday, April 7, 2011

2011 Monument Ave 10k Race Pictures

Here are some of the pictures from the race.  A few came out alright.

Crossing the 5k mark (on the right in grey) - notice the 2 thumbs up guy just to my left

 Checking the watch to see if I can still finish in under 43:00

Crossing the finish line in exactly 43:00 (took me 4s to cross the start line)

The race has this competition called the Dash for the Cash, where they randomly select someone to get a distance-based head start over the entire field.  If the person finishes the race before the leaders do, he collects some cold hard cash - $2500!  This year, the guy got a 1.9 mile lead, which is based on previous race performance, so it usually makes for an exciting finish.  Below is a photo that shows how close it was this year:

 Dash for the Cash winner, with overall race winner only 12s behind


it's all about pace said...

looking at your watch in a 10k... maybe you weren't racing hard enough... =:-)

Richard said...

I enjoyed the race report and the photos . . . Dash for cash is a great idea.



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