Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Just Not The Same

Today is "Bike to Work Day" for a lot of cities throughout the country. Here in DC, we set a new record for the most people registered (more than 8,500 people!). I was one of those people. But unlike previous years, where I would just go for a morning ride out to one of the central spots, grab my t-shirt, snack on some stuff, and head back, this year I ACTUALLY planned on biking to work. It's funny too - because I used to live right close to a trail that would drop me off only a few miles from work. Now, I'd ride virtually the whole thing (approx 14 miles each way) on roads with cars. I guess I just wanted to give it a try after all these years of "faking it".

We'll I had my route planned and was starting to figure out the logistics as far as bringing work clothing, "showering" after the commute in, where to stash my stuff in the office, etc. And then I got the news just 2 days ago that I'd have to head downtown for a morning meeting.

Once my meeting was over, I watched lots of folks out on the roads with their bikes, as I drove myself back into the office. I really wanted to be one of those people. It was truly motivating. In fact, I saw people riding everything from cruisers with baskets on the front to your standard commuter bike complete with panniers. The weather couldn't have been more perfect either (mid 60s in the morning up to low 80s).

All may not be lost though - I am trying to convince myself to just give it a try on a random Friday. And I will! I'll just have to work out when. It sure would make it easier though with lots more folks out there on the roads to let drivers know that cyclists deserve the same respect of the roadways. Who knows...maybe it will turn into a semi-regular thing ;)

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Danielle said...

14 miles each way - that would be a hefty bike commute!


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