Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Things That Plagued Me Yesterday

Yesterday started out just like any other normal day. Wake up, get my foam roll on, do some stretches and get ready for work. What I did not anticipate, were a few things. Specifically, 2 bad things and 1 good thing.

Lets start with the BAD:

1) When I got home from work, I quickly changed from Clark Kent in my suit to Superman in my running gear. Except as I started on my way, I got the hiccups! So much for Superman. I highly doubt he ever got hiccups. Have you ever gotten hiccups while running? They suck. They come at the most inopportune times, like when a car pulls up right by you with their windows open to stop at a stop sign. HICCUP! Ooopps...and I just continue running and play it off. Eventually after about 20 minutes of running, they went away.

2) So remember my recent race report and how I noted that I was pouring water on my head to try and cool me down? Well here is a lesson that I learned, which I will share with you at no charge. Don't dump water on your head! Want to know why? Because all that nice cool water has to go somewhere. And where does it go? Into your shoes, making your feet wet, soggy, and very prone to blisters. Sure enough, when I took off my socks after the race, I had the nastiest of blood blisters. It progressively got worse over the next 24 hours until I finally sucked it up and tried to treat it. After a nice warm shower to soften the skin, I drained it. Disgusting? Yes, but very necessary. Well, I had put a band aid on it to help it heal. After another 24 hours (by yesterday morning), I went to take another look at how the healing was going to re-dress the blister. toenail kinda came off with the band aid. (It's ok for you to get nauseous now) At first, it hurt and was a shock. But as the day went on, it hurt less and actually felt better than any other time since the race. As a matter of fact, I ran 6 miles yesterday and all was good. So, we'll see what happens on the re-growth front in a little while. In the meantime, maybe its not so bad.

And now, the GOOD:

1) A few months ago, Rebecca and I went into DC to see a movie. We parked in a legal spot that was only zone parking during the day, which expired by the time we parked, thus no quarters or anything required (they are pretty rare in DC). When I got back to my car after the movie, there was a ticket for not having proper registration tags. Well, I knew this was wrong and filed a report to repeal the ticket. Of course, I realize that it doesn't happen very often that they overturn things, but I figured I legitimately had a case. I submitted evidence and nearly 3 months later, got a letter in the mail. Read the below for the results:

Onward and upward - temps are supposed to hit 90 this weekend, so maybe I'll be able to finally start adapting to higher humidity and stop suffering ;)

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Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Didn't have proper registration tags? Like your registration was expired? How random - that seems an easy one not to make an error with...


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