Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chased By The Good Humor Man

It's not often you can title a post in this manner. I hope it got your attention. This isn't as bad as it sounds though, because I was not hunted down by some angry Good Humor man. But that would sure make for a good story, huh? It just so happened that his route followed my route. For 2 miles. Let me explain the impact of that last sentence by a series of bullets that were my thought process along the way:

- Oh look, the Good Humor man...I used to LOVE when he came by when I was a kid, this is awesome
- Haha, it's playing "All Around the Mullberry Bush", I used to like that too, this is still cool
- Wow, he's moving pretty slowly to try and get customers...too bad nobody is around!
- It's now been 1 mile of hearing the same song over, and over, and over again - starting to get annoying
- Oh, thank goodness he's gone. I was seriously starting to get sick of that song...too bad it's stuck in my head now!
. 30 seconds later
- Damn, it - he's back and that SAME stupid song!
- I'm hungry - I could really go for a Bubble-o-Bill, remember those? Mmmm...
- Why is he following me! Is this some kind of sick joke?
- It's been 2 miles of this same song! Why can't they have a rotation of songs? I'm never getting this stupid song out of my head!

And just about when I was ready to give up hope, we departed each other's paths and went out separate ways.

Then, 2 hours later - he came through our neighborhood and I heard the same song AGAIN! And it stuck in my head for the next day. Stupid Good Humor Man.


Danielle said...

Hey, if *you* got sick of listening to that song for a couple of miles, imagine how the Good Humor man feels! I would not be in such good humor. I'd also be really fat from eating all the inventory.

it's all about pace said...

Always reminds me of Eddie Murphy... and his "Mr Icecream man!" bit...

Ben said...

You should have turned the tables and chased him through the neighborhood a la Stephen King's, "IT". Do not fear the Good Humor man. I hear silver is affective against him.


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