Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What We Could Have Used During The Snopocaplypse

Now that the melting is FINALLY happening, it is time to start thinking about the next major blizzard. Maybe not this year, maybe not next year...but we should be ready for it, right?

One of the biggest complaints about the storm from residents all over the area has been the snow removal process. In DC, the snow removal plan is to let the snow melt. How genius! Snow removal crews have done everything they can to clear the snow. My hat goes off to them, because they worked day in and day out for a week trying to get everywhere. In the end, not everyone got plowed and there are still some neighborhoods that haven't had a single plow. But in many cases, they ran out of room to put the snow! This exact thing happened in my parent's neighborhood. There is only so much room to put the stuff.

Fortunately, others are thinking about better ways to handle the snow removal process. Not all ideas are smart. But, there is one that sounds like a great idea. It is called Yuki Taro and it is a self guided, camera equipped robot snowplow that "eats" the snow and poops it out as compressed ice blocks. And even better, they make them to look like Pikachu!

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Rainmaker said...

Holy crap that's awesome. And not in the ice block crappy way either.


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