Friday, February 12, 2010

Aging Up

I didn't write about this when the calendar year changed, mainly because I am not planning to race any tris this year, but focus more on running. With that in mind, I age up today officially to the 30-35 Age Group. At first, I figured this would make things more competitive. But after taking a closer look at my race results from this past year, I'm not so sure its a bad thing. Let's take a look:

National Marathon: This Year: 99/229 Percentile: 43% Next AG: 97/219 Percentile: 44%
Monument Ave 10k: This Year: 106/1515 Percentile: 7% Next AG: 78/1506 Percentile: 5%
Patriots Cup 8k: This Year: 10/57 Percentile: 17% Next AG: 9/44 Percentile: 20%
Patriot's Half Iron: This Year: 18/42 Percentile: 43% Next AG: 24/64 Percentile: 38%
Home Run 10k: This Year: 4/13 Percentile: 30% Next AG: 4/16 Percentile: 25%
Jingle All The Way : This Year: 34/355 Percentile: 9% Next AG: 29/278 Percentile: 10%
AVERAGE PERCENTILE This Year: 24% Next AG: 23%

So overall, my placement would have similar, if not slightly better in the next Age Group.

Maybe turning 30 isn't such a bad thing after all ;)

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Rainmaker said...

Will you still be officiating this year? That's actually something The Girl and I are looking to get a bit involved in.


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