Monday, August 3, 2009

A Quick IT Related Rant

I just had to chime in here, because I am infuriated at my IT situation at work right now. I am going to caveat this with the fact that I am an IT guy, so I am very familiar with standard release management processes for software, etc.

Listen to this scenario and you tell me if there is anything wrong:

- Work pushes out a security patch to all computers on the network, which requires a restart
- Computer restarts, only to not accept my user name or login
- I call the help desk
- I sit on hold for 30 minutes while the help desk answers other people
- I finally get to explain my problem and they tell me that it is a firm wide problem
- I ask when will it be resolved
- They respond that they do not know and it is considered a "moderate priority" that "they are working diligently to resolve the issue"

So let me get this straight. You have a patch that you released to the whole company and many of those who received it cannot log into their computers, which means no work can be done. (Oh they joys of being dependent on computers...what did we do without them?) Wouldn't you think that you'd make sure this type of thing wouldn't happen before you released it to the whole company? Or how about increasing the priority for resolving it to "HIGH", instead of "moderate"?

So I got into work at 8:15, sat around for 3 hours trying to do things that I didn't need a computer for, and finally gave up and had to come home so I can be on a computer where I can get email and actually, you know, do work.

Thanks help desk. I still can't use my computer. What a waste.

UPDATE: I received a phone call at 3:45 to resolve the issue. After walking through a series of steps, my computer is back to being operational. So I went a grand total of 7.5 hours without the use of my work computer. Now that is productivity!


Rebecca said...

what on earth did people do at work before computers??? :-p

Rainmaker said...

The first rule of IT: Tell the user to reboot.

The second rule of IT: If rebooting doens't fix it, tell the user to wait 'a few minutes'.



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