Friday, August 14, 2009

Always the Rabbit

I don't know why, but whenever I am in the pool, it always seems like I am the rabbit to everyone. Let me give you a brief history of my swimming skillz - I'm not a good swimmer. I'm what I would consider "average", but far below where I am at when compared to my cycling or running. I put in my time in the pool, but it just doesn't materialize like it does for the other sports. I know swimming is different and I need to seek out outside help to improve it. But that is besides the point of this post.

The point of this post is to describe the constant beatings I take in the pool. Not physical though, as much as I love race start simulations. These are of the mental, emotional kind, which are equally crushing. As an "average" swimmer, I don't make the mistake of thinking I should be passing people. I'm used to be passed and I accept it. But what I don't accept is when people use me for LACK of speed in the water.

Take for example, the other day. Super swim chick was in the pool, splashing her way through some really hard and fast 50m sets. I was swimming sets of 300m, 400m, 500m, so in no way did I expect to be keeping any pace. But I noticed something while I was swimming my laps. She was using me! She'd wait on the wall and then hold until the exact same spot...and then shoot out off the wall like a cannon. At first I thought we were just synched up with each others intervals. But then my breaks were different than hers and she still managed to use me on the next set and just waited for me. But I never made eye contact with her. I should have given her the evil eye to tell her that I knew what was up. Oh time. Not only did it annoy me because I knew she was using me as her rabbit, but she made the water annoyingly rough. Yea, yea...rough water = race simulation. I get it. But some days you just don't feel like it and want a nice calm swim. That day was not a day I felt like dealing with rough stuff.

Let me assure you though, this was not the first time this has happened. I've noticed a trend. Is it my uber triathlon-looking self? Do I intimidate people at the pool? Or do I look like a fool who needs to be used? Whatever it is, I am constantly used as a rabbit for the enjoyment of others. And now I feel abused ;(


jenez_world said...

You need to get the right coaching and then kick some butt - have to call you bunny boy otherwise. Nothing a chick loves more in the pool than swimming faster than a guy and you get bonus points when it looks easy. She is probably doing it to keep things interesting.

Rainmaker said...

I was going to comment about your post, but the comment Jenez left is pretty funny...Bunny boy. :)

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