Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekly Wrapup

Another week of actual running! This week was the first one that I actually got back to pre-injury volume too. I still haven't run as long for my long run pre-injury, but I'm getting there.

Here's the breakdown of my running:
- Monday: 3 miles easy
- Tuesday: 6 miles (15 min warmup, 30 min tempo)
- Wednesday: 3 miles easy
- Thursday: 4 miles (run hard on the hills, easy everywhere else)
- Friday: Off
- Saturday: 5 miles marathon pace
- Sunday: 10 miles
TOTAL: 31 miles

I got out and ran 6 days this week, which I think is really helping my body get back to running smoothly. My heart rate is now down to levels I was seeing before the injury and may actually be lower, based on yesterday's long run. On the long run, I used the first 35 minutes to keep my heart rate in low Zone 2, then the next 35 minutes to push a bit closer to marathon pace. During the marathon pace portion, my heart rate stayed well within zone 2, despite some sections that included a mile long hill. So I think that bodes well if I continue to see my heart rate where it is.

This week is hopefully another step in the right direction. I need to get my long run distance up so my body can get used to the pounding. I'm feeling better each day, so let's hope it continues.

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Rainmaker said...

It sounds like you're making very nice progress. You going to be out and about on the Pacers Saturday long run this week?

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