Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly Wrapup

This week marked my first week of being back to running, since my 15 mile long run in early January. That first 1 mile run felt so great to just be out there. And then that 1 mile run turned into 2; and 2 into 4; and finally my longest run to date has reached 8 miles! Which I did on Saturday. And it too, felt good. Of course, having not run in about 3 weeks, my pace relative to my heart rate was a little higher than I'd like, but in all, I could not be happier that I was just able to get out there.

This week's total finished out at 21 miles, which makes me feel like I am back again. Still waiting on the orthotics, which hopefully will be in on Tuesday for my next PT appointment. Assuming I get those before the weekend, I'm hoping to up my long run and my week's total to closer to 30 miles so I can get back to where I was before this injury happened.

I'm on the mend (hopefully) and am trying to take it slow, while also giving me sufficient mileage to have some confidence going into the National Marathon, which by the way, is only a measly 6 weeks away. That gives me 3-4 more true training weeks to progress my mileage to a point where I'd feel comfortable attempting the distance again. We'll see how the progress comes along. I've got a great base from my earlier training before the injury and I have until March 1 to make any changes (ie dropping down to the half) in case my body is not ready.

These next 2 weeks will prove one way or the other as to which direction I will head. Of course, my life is also moving in a certain direction in these next 2 weeks, but more on that later ;)

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Rainmaker said...

Good to see you're back in the action. I think you'll be fine for race day.

And yikes, I didn't even think about it being only 6 weeks away...ugh.


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