Monday, October 27, 2008


As mentioned in the last post, I worked the Clif table this past weekend at the Marine Corps Marathon Health and Fitness Expo.  As always, I had a blast giving out products and wishing people well in their race.  I worked a full 12 hour shift and the time just flew by.  Part of that was due to the fact that it was so crowded, it was just a constant rush of people.  There was rarely ever a chance to think about time, let alone keep up with the pace of people in order to restock the various sample products we had.

The best part was at the end, when we realized that we had way more pro
duct than we could give out.  Not only did we get to take home tons of loot (see picture below), but we basically had a fire sale for the last hour of the expo, constantly handing out products to anyone who stopped by.  So many people were happy to get the products to use in the race, because it appeared that the stores that were selling them might have already run out. 
Sunday, Rebecca and I ran all over town watching the marathon.  We saw runners at mile 2 in Arlington, mile 10 by the Kennedy Center, Mile 12 entering Haines Point, Mile 16 by the Lincoln Memorial, Mile 20 on the 14th St Bridge, and Mile 23 in Crystal City.  It was like we were running the in the actual race, only we took shortcuts to get everywhere, so we cheated.  It was great though to follow the leaders the whole way, plus I got to see a bunch of people I knew who were running.  We took some pictures, but they are on Rebecca's phone, so I got no race shots for ya. 


Sarah said...

Sounds like a sweet gig!

MCM is my favorite event to spectate by far. You had great weather for it!

Lindsay said...

I'm curious, how does one get to work a Clif table for an event?


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