Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Day I Busted My Yankz

For several years now, I have been running with Yankz laces.  Love em.  They have served me well through training for many races and multiple pairs of shoes.  Never have I had to worry about a loose lace to tie, because they were always the perfect tighteness.  Until today.

While on my run, with about 1 mile up hill to go, I started feeling my right shoe loosening.  I just figured, eh, that's strange, I'll check it out when I'm done.  And then it happened.  My Yankz lace just blew up and out came my foot!  That last mile sucked.  I still managed to jog back, but it was difficult.  You know that feeling in your legs after you have run a little with flip flops on?  The tight calves and shin muscles from gripping your toes to the bottom sole so your foot doesn't slip out?  That was me and my right foot.  

See examples of what my shoe looks like below if you can make out any details from the grainy picture from my cell phone:

Needless to say, I need to get me a new pair of laces!

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Team Yankz! said...


Good Day! My name is Pierce of Team Yankz! It looks like you need a new pair to keep up with your racing for years to come. Please check out color choices at www.yankz.com/colors.htm and send choice to sales@yankz.com.
We will send you a complimentary pair to help you run strong and make the transition when you need to.


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