Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So ya...ummm...its been a while. I was going to wait the extra couple of days so it could be exactly one month since I last posted, but hey, its been long enough. Yea, I'm still here and yes I'm still training. In fact, the main reason why I haven't posted anything in such a long time is because I've been busier than ever. Turns out, training for a 1/2 Ironman and planning a wedding keeps you pretty busy. Who would have thunk it?

So, here is where I am at these days:

- T-minus 3+ weeks until Patriot's Half, which means I am in the middle of my build phase of training. Gone are the long bike rides and runs. Glad to be done with those. This past weekend was a hilly 65 miler out to Sugarloaf Mountain and a long run in Rock Creek Park. Now its about race pace and moderate distances. Just fine tuning the solid base I've been building over the past 2 months of training.

- Luray Triathlon is this weekend for both Rebecca and I. I'll be doing the Olympic on Saturday as a tune up for Patriot's and Rebecca will be doing the sprint on Sunday. Last year, I watched this race as Rebecca and her sister did the race. It is a great race, though on a challenging, hilly course for the bike and run. I'm up for it and can't wait. Plus, my race is on a Saturday for a change. I LOVE Saturday races. Makes the weekend much more enjoyable to get the race over with, instead of spending the whole weekend preparing for it. Now, I'll get to kick back on Sunday and enjoy watching Rebecca tear up the course and hopefully take some good photos of her in the process!

- T-minus 3 months to go till the wedding. Both Rebecca and I can't wait and the day couldn't come any faster. As much fun as we are having planning this event, it will be nice to have other things to do with our spare time. We just booked the honeymoon, so now we at least have something to really look forward to once its all done. Just have to get through these last few months, with lots of small little things to take care of. It seemed so simple many months ago when we were in the early stages of planning, but man, those details pull you into the weeds and won't let go until the wedding.

- About a month ago, we adopted Rebecca's older cat, Whiskey (pictured to the right), who she grew up with. We figured, Piper would no longer harass us for attention, and enjoy the company to have someone to play with, and Whiskey would enjoy the extra attention of being around 2 people and another cat. It was tough going at first, but the two have started to get along better, minus the occasional hissing Whiskey will do at Piper for just thinking about looking at him. However, the two have a playful relationship that seems to be working. Basically, Piper eggs Whiskey on to get him to chase him down the hallway and when he does, Piper runs as fast as he can until he gets to the end of the bedroom and hides. Then, Piper will tap Whiskey again to get him to chase him back and tries to do it again and again. Poor Whiskey is older and sometimes just looks back at Rebecca and I with a face that says, "Do I really have to put up with this crap?". But we know he likes it, and the exercise is great for him and he's already losing some of the extra weight he had on him. They wrestle a bit, eat each other's food/water, and more or less find a way to get along, since I think they have realized that they are stuck living together regardless, so might as well make the most of it. In all, they are a great duo.

So that is what is going on in my busy life. One day at a time...


Rainmaker said...

I was wondering when you'd post an update.

Good luck at this weekends race! I have some non-blog friends racing there as well. The weather looks promising!

As for Patriot's - I'll be there with a friend in her first race (sprint), but I'll also likely be around to catch folks in the Half too! Looking forward to perhaps crossing paths.

The Wrench said...

A month and its about a damn Cat.


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