Friday, June 6, 2008

Da Plan for Eagleman 70.3

Well folks, this is pretty much it. Its race weekend for Eagleman 70.3. All this build up has lead to this. And what do all of us fellow triathletes in training get rewarded with? This. Not much else to do at this point other than say, it is what it is. Each day I go back to check to weather (more like every 15 minutes), the temperatures go up for the forecast. So for the benefit of everyone else racing Eagleman, I will no longer be checking the weather. No need to thank me.

The constantly changing weather has me on my toes about my nutrition, if one can look at a benefit from this. Each change I see in the forecast has resulted in re-examining my plan. So now that it is just going to be effing hot, my updated "Effing Hot" race plan is going into effect. Here are the details of this plan:

- I'm sticking with the pre-race nutrition plan that seemed to work for me at Columbia, by taking in about 1000 calories in the form of GF pancakes smothered with peanut butter and now sugar syrup. Mmmm.

- Once at the race site, I'll be sipping from my GU2O sports drink to take in another 200 calories, followed by a granola bar (another 200 calories), then just plain water, with a GU 20 minutes before my wave goes off. Oh yea, and I'll be taking a sun block shower by rubbing sun block into every place possible on my body. In case you can't find me, I'll be the one lathering my scalp with sunblock (though I may not be the only person doing that).

- To start the bike, I plan to carry 2 bottles of GU2O (200 calories each) and one bottle of Nuun. I plan to go through at least 4 bottles of liquid on the bike, so I'll be grabbing another water at one of the bottle exchange points on the bike and adding Nuun to it. I had toyed with 3 bottles of GU2O and 1 bottle of water with Nuun, but since the "Effing Hot" plan is in effect, I am thinking it will be more important to remain hydrated. The rest of my calories on the bike will come from GUs, which ill be taking at least every 30 minutes. I will also be taking 2-3 Endurolytes per hour to ward off any impending cramps. In total, I should be good for 1000 calories on the bike.

- On the run, I don't know what I'm going to feel like since I haven't raced in anything this hot. My plan is to continue to take Endurolytes and make sure to drink and/or pour water on myself at each water stop. For calories, I'll be taking GUs or something from the course that appears appetizing at the moment.

So there you have it, the "Effing Hot" race plan. Good luck to everyone else racing or spectating. Hope to see you all out there!


cherelli said...

Hey, maybe you'll luck out and the scorcher day will be the day before - race day will be cool and raining buckets!! If it happened in could happen to you at Eagleman. Enjoy the race :)

Tri-Bob said...

I'll be there in the "effin' hot" with buckets seems to be the only possible source of relief!


Rainmaker said...

I say you just bring a small carton of eggs with you on the run. If you get hungry you can just pull off, crack the egg and let it fry on the ground. Instant food!

Good luck tomorrow though, I'm sure you'll do well!

Burnt Couch said...

Go get em Tiger! Columbia is gonna look like a kiddie pool next to an Ocean given the weather report.

Attack the monster hill! (I forget the name of the most nasty one)

Drink Drank Drunk is gonna take on a new definition after this race I think

Nancy Toby said...

Wow, checked your results - very well done today - well paced! You picked up about a zillion places on the run!!

As for me, I bagged it after the bike! Oh well, live to race another day!

Thanks for saying HI!!!


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