Saturday, February 9, 2008

One down, two to go...

Here I am in the peak of my marathon training. Oh the long runs. They just keep getting longer, don't they? I remember way back (almost 2 months ago) when my long runs were "only" 13 miles. Now I'm into the big stuff. 13 milers are run on my off weeks, which I am certainly looking forward to after my longest run to day: 18.13 miles. See the course below:

With this run in the books, I only have 2 more long runs left. Unfortunately, they are both 20 milers, split apart by off weeks. That leaves about 6 weeks till the big day. I definitely feel ready. Today's run was solid to say the least. I kept the pace steady for the first 10 miles and then opened it up a bit to the end. Add the fact that I swam 2000 yards last night after work, and thats a sweet start to the weekend.

Here are the states from the run:
Distance: 18.13 miles
Time: 2:26:40
Pace: 8:05/mile


The Lazy Triathlete said...

Hey man, thats a good pace. Good luck with the rest of the marathon training. Today was a great day for running. To bad, I have to run on Sunday in the cold and wind.

Rainmaker said...

Nice pace, well played. Funny how that weekend is sneaking up, isn't it? I've got a race that weekend as well (Half Iron) and been watching the date creap closer out of the corner of my eye.

Keep on truckin!

Kylie said...

Very nice! You should have a great day :)

Matt said...

Long runs suck. There's no other way around it. Keep pressing.


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