Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm calling myself out

That's it. I'm calling myself out. I've mentioned it in my race reports. What is the biggest thing holding me back in each race? You guessed it: the swim. We tend to train in the area where we are best, because it makes us feel warm inside after the workout. Nobody wants to slug through a workout when you can opt for one where you can rock it. For this reason, I've stuck to staying on the land more often than not. I did spend a good portion of my base training this season hitting the pool. But since I entered the first peak component of my season, I more or less stopped hitting the pool. After somewhat rough swim experiences in my recent races, I didn't want to go to the pool to work on my weakness, because I wanted to get my confidence back by cranking out some long runs or solid rides. So I relied on my race experience and swimming base as my way of "getting through" each swim in the race.

So now that I've called myself out, I need to do something about it. My last tri of the season is September 9, the Annapolis Triathlon. 48 days away. Ever since I heard one of my college friends is going to be racing in it, it has become my "A" race. He laying down a ton of smackage, so I need to step it up and feel confident going into race weekend. Afterall, he was a swimmer in high school...ugh, the worst kind of person to race against, since I'll have to catch him from behind. Anywho, I need to hit the pool. Lots. So I am challenging myself from here on out to 3 swims a week building up to my race week. This should put me in a comfortable spot by the time the race comes around that I can at least do ok in the swim and lessen the gap I will have to make up on the bike and run.

So today was the start of my challenge. 1 swim down, 2 to go!

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Wrenching Winz said...

concentrate of technique and form, speed will follow naturally.

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