Monday, February 13, 2012

Motivational Monday

I don't tend to post too many motivational videos, but this one really caught my attention.  It is an interview with Billy Mills about this upset victory in the 10,000m at the Tokyo Olympics in 1964.  Now what is most notable to me, is his description and recollection as he pages through his log book. 

Here was a guy, who was nearly 2 minutes slower than what was considered to be a winning quality time at his level, and he describes not only how he chunks up the little things to make sense of how to overcome that difference, but also the mental aspect.  Think about that for a second - can you in your mind make up the idea of improving your 10k time by 2 minutes?  Now consider that he was already at a world class level and he still had to improve that time by 2 minutes.  Yea, that is no joke.  Writing down in his log book and visualization of repeatedly telling himself - "I can do this" is what made the difference.  Instead of looking at this big picture of 2 minutes, he though of 1-2s per lap.  And it is a concept you can do to and apply it to anything.

As we each embark on our own journeys into whatever we seek out, its refreshing to see similarities in how we go about motivating ourselves.  You have to believe it if you want it to happen, no doubt.  Without the mind, your body will remain weak.  And Billy Mills was a perfect example of how to accomplish that concept of using his mind to make a vision become a reality.  Enjoy!

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Jessica (Pace of Me) said...

Adam I love this! So true, so inspiring. Did you see the RW article on him this month? Incredible. I also really want to see the movie, I think it was made in the '80's and was called "Running Brave." His story is remarkable and such an inpiring testament to the power of the human spirit and determination. So fun to run with you at the track tonight!


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