Friday, January 27, 2012

A Must Listen To Podcast On Stretching and Mobilization

I've linked to a number of references and articles on Phil Wharton and this here is a great podcast between Jay Johnson and Phil.  Both offer great resources for their particular focus - Jay being more on the ancillary strength work, and Phil being more on the mobilization and utilizing Active Isolated Stretching

Yea, there I said that word again - stretching.  Don't let all those naysayers convince you otherwise.  It is all about HOW you stretch, not the act of stretching that can be harmful.  Don't think there's truth to that?  Ask Ryan Hall, Meb, Deena Kastor, Matt Centrowitz about whether or not they think stretching can be beneficial.  As Phil notes, many of those athletes, who are among the top in the world, utilize AIS up to 4 times a day.  I'm pretty sure those guys are doing something right.  And no, I won't settle for the argument of, "Yea, but they are genetic exceptions".  The fact is that many who discover how effective this type of stretching, realize how powerful it can be.  In fact, Phil shares his own story of battling scoliosis and how stretching helped fix his misalignment.  So yea, maybe its not such a bad thing!

So listen up, because I think this interview is well worth the time.

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