Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I've Got Wine In My Veins...Literally

 Like many people, I enjoy a good glass of wine every now and then.  And on a somewhat regular basis, Rebecca and I enjoy visiting any number of the many Virginia wineries.  But this post isn't about visiting those wineries, which I'll let you in on a little secret, are VERY underrated.  Again, that's not the topic of the day here.

The topic has to do with an event we recently volunteered at called the 1k Wine Walk.  It was a pretty cool idea - a wine tasting event based on the concept of a race.  Each "runner" had an official race bib and were given 20 tickets they could use to taste any of the 45 wines at the 8 or so "aid stations".  Our role was to pour wine for the wines at our tables.  So when someone came over and wanted to try one of the wines, they'd hand us a ticket and we'd pour them a tasting.

It was fun. Until the last 10 minutes of service.  If you've ever been at a bar at 2:45 am and they make last call, you know what it's like.  Insanity begins and the melee for people to use their remaining drink tickets creates a fair amount of chaos.  In the end, we got through it and earned some fun storiess and one remaining sign of my pouring wine.

Let me explain.  In the process of serving about a thousand people over 4 hours, you tend to spill a bit of wine on your hands.  Well in this case, it is 3 days later and I still have remnants of it in my pores! 
 Look closely right near the beginning of my pinky...oh and don't mind those guys in the background...they don't care about my battle scars

And bottle opening...I developed a nice little cut from one incident while tearing off the aluminum wrapping of one bottle during those last few minutes of pressure trying to pop nearly a new bottle every 2-3 minutes to keep up with the pace. 

So I'm sitting here wondering - how long is this wine going to stay in my pores?  I've scrubbed, tried all different soaps and still no progress.  Makes me wonder  if I still get the potential resveratrol benefits of drinking red wine, since it is technically in my system?


Bertie said...

On the positive side, wine absorption through the skin doesn't leave you with the headache you would have had if you had actualy drank all of that wine!

The Lazy Triathlete said...

I haven't heard about that. I would have partook. It would have been a "good workout".


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