Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Weekend That Was...Snowy

Wow, what a snowy mess of a weekend this was. (That is a chair that is half covered and a loveseat that is fully covered to the left of it in the picture!) This weekend forced you to remain inside, since the roads were just not usable at all. I was frequently amused by the news coverage though, showing all these people driving around in their rear wheel drive sport cars, thinking they could drive around in a blizzard. I can then only draw the logical conclusion that people who drive sports cars are not smart.

The snow started Friday night and didn't stop till very late Saturday night. After playing a few rounds of snow flipcup outside at a party on Friday night, we decided it would be smart to leave early to avoid the major issues on the road. After only an hour or 2 of snow, the terrible DC area drivers had already begun crashing their cars. Along the way home, we saw probably 20+ cars either involved in an accident or stopped along the side of the road. I still don't quite get how people stop learning how to drive once the snow starts falling, but that is what happens here. Its best to just avoid people in these situations by not driving at all.

In total, our last measurement on Saturday night registered 25 inches! By mid morning Saturday, with a solid foot of snow, we decided to venture out and start some shoveling, since it would be nearly impossible to dig ourselves out with the totals we were anticipating. After about a solid hour of shoveling, I was tired, sweaty, and sore, but the driveway was covered in a new blanket of snow within minutes of finishing. It was coming down at rates between 1-2 inches an hour. Oh well. It would eventually make my job easier when I went to finish the job once the snow stopped on Sunday.

After shoveling, we decided to venture out and ended up grabbing the ski gear and tried for the short slope of our neighborhood street. There was already a solid base of powder, so I was able to get a decent amount of speed going and made a couple of runs out of it.

The cross country skiing back up though, was tough! No chairlifts on this slope!

With not much else to do, I was really looking forward to watching the Ironman World Championships, which was set to air on NBC. Well, thanks to what is now being called the "Snowpacalypse", it did not air :( All NBC channels were showing special local coverage of the storm. I tried everything, but there was nothing but coverage of the snow. Ugh. I'm sure it will be aired again though another day this winter.

Sunday morning, we awoke to clear skies, but just an endless blanket of the white stuff. I got cracking on the shoveling again and managed to get the driveway, the stairs, and the sidewalks all done within about 1.5 hours. But man was I sore! I couldn't run due to the weather this weekend, but I sure was able to cross train!

It is now Monday and we are still kinda snowed in. The driveway is all shoveled but our street is still a mess of slush and ice. Hopefully the sun will melt it all, just in time to freeze again tonight. Hope everyone else had some fun in the snow!

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