Monday, September 7, 2009

Patriots Half Race Plan

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about my upcoming race (go figure - its less than a week away!), and though I know sort of know what my race plan will be, I always feel better writing it down. Seems to stick into my head a bit more effectively. So without further ado, I bring you may race plan.

Week of race (till race morning)
- Get 8 hours of sleep each night
- Eat smart, stick to the basics, and don't over eat despite the constant feeling of hunger
- No caffeine
- Double check all gear to make sure is in working order
- Pack everything that is needed for race weekend by laying out by event
- Stay hydrated

Day Before Race (Friday)
- Sleep in and only wake up when body says so
- Have a stress free drive to Williamsburg, VA
- Do short swim, bike, run into and out of the race transition area for mental preparation of race day
- Drive bike course
- Attend packet pick up when it opens (3 pm) so there is no rush
- Attend pre-race meeting @ 4:30
- Stay hydrated throughout day - always carry water bottle with me
- Eat satisfying dinner with simple foods
- Pack everything the night before by laying out what is needed for each event
- Go to bed by 10 pm if possible

Race Morning (Saturday) - Pre-race
- Wake up at 4:30/5 am
- Eat Gluten Free Waffles w/PB and syrup on top for breakfast
- Stay hydrated by drinking by thirst and not over hydrating
- Set up/finalize transition area
- Take care of business before lines get crazy
- Double check transition set up and nutrition needs
- Take 2 Endurolytes before swim

- Go out comfortably without spiking HR/effort
- Stay smooth in the water
- Focus on form not speed
- The swim is the warm up, so don't get flustered if it doesn't go perfectly

- Take 2 Endurolytes before leaving T1 to prevent typical cramping I get early into bike
- Execute flying bike mount only if mount line is not too crowded - not worth the risk if crowded
- Give legs 10 minutes to adjust and keep HR steady
- Once legs are loose, find the zone that allows a steady effort - don't force the pace too early
- If course requires aero position the whole way, get out of saddle to surge every 10-15 minutes to use other muscles and stretch back and legs
- Sip ClifShot drink every mile or so as needed (1 bottle per hr = 200 calories)
- Take 1 Clif Shot Blok (30 calories) every 20 minutes with water
- At 1 hr and 2 hrs into bike, take 2 Endurolytes - if feeling like cramping, take more
- Finish strong - 2nd half of course should feel better than 1st
- Only water for last 15 minutes of bike

- Take 2 gels with me out of T2, along with bag of Endurolytes
- Don't let adrenaline of leaving T2 take over for early pace - START SLOW, FINISH FAST!
- Legs will take 10-15 minutes to feel good again - early pace should focus on quick turnover with easy effort
- Water/ice only at each aid station on first lap
- Take 2 Endurolytes at Mile 2
- Take gel at Mile 3
- At 3 mile mark, start focusing on picking up the pace - each mile should be gradually faster than the previous mile till mile 6, which should be at race pace
- Constantly assess proper run form - staying focused on form will keep me in my goal pace
- Take 2 Endurolytes at Mile 6
- Switch to flat coke/whatever seems appealing at aid stations on second lap
- Take 2nd gel at Mile 8
- Miles 6 - 10 should be run at solid z3 goal pace
- Last 5k should continue goal pace, but if feeling strong, keep pushing through to the finish


Rainmaker said...

Looks like a very solid race plan - especially with the details such as stretching mid-bike and focusing on form during the swim (instead of speed).


Go kick ass now!

it's all about pace said...

I like it... I think I'll borrow most of it for the half I'm doing in a few weeks... PB and syrup on the waffles... pre traiing every weekend morning.

jeanne said...

excellent plan!

In case I don't see you at any jaunts thru the countryside between now and saturday: Have a blast, and finish strong!

jeanne said...

btw, i'm totally stealing this for sunday: The swim is the warm up, so don't get flustered if it doesn't go perfectly


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