Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Its that time of the week again - time to recap what did, or in this case, did not happen this week.  Do you want the good news or the bad news first?  
  • The good - I put in about 5 hours worth of training this week
  • The bad - I spent only 35 minutes of it running
Let me explain.  Remember last week when I complained after my long run of some minor pain toward the outside of my foot?  No?  Well I did.  And after some more time on my Monday 4 mile easy run, I experienced some more pain.  However, pace and HR wise, it was much improved over my previous easy runs at the same HR.  I decided to do a little research about this type of pain.  Based on process of elimination, I more or less believe it to be plantar fasciitis.  So I did some more research and started doing some rehabbing - rolling cans under my foot, rolling iced under my foot, picking up towels off the floor with my toes, and lots of stretching.  I took 2 full days off from all exercise, with the exception of rehab.  Within a day, my foot was feeling better.  However, I decided it would be smart to just shut it down for the week, instead of just hurting it again by coming back too quickly.  I'm hoping this was the right move.  

So what did I do this week?  Well, aside from rehabbing, I went to spinning on Thursday and for a long ride of indoor spinning on Saturday.  Saturday morning's first class started at 7:30 am, so I got there about 15 minutes early to get a good bike and warm up.  That class was over by 8:30, but the next class didn't start till about 9:15.  So aside from refilling my water bottle, I stayed on the bike and rode straight through the next class, which left me for a total of about a 3:00 bike ride.  Despite not hitting the bike much since October, my legs were in pretty good shape for riding.
So back to the running...I took a gander at the schedule, played around with a few weeks further down the road, and will basically be doing a redo of this past week, this week.  So, its another recovery week in the hopes of not putting too much stress on my body too soon.  And if the pain comes back, so be it.  I'll just have to deal with it for as long as I can and see what happens.  I'll find out tomorrow when I go for my regular Monday easy run.  Stay tuned.

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Rainmaker said...

I think it's good that you cut back though on the running - but kept up the other aerobic stuff. That will hold your fitness and still keep you easily on track for National.


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