Tuesday, July 1, 2008

General Smallwood Triathlon Photos

These are photos my dad took at the race. Not bad. Plus he captured several important details of the race, as captioned below:

Heading out of T2 WITH my helmet on!

Bringing it home to the finish

Look at the nasty green remnants from the Swamp Thing on my back!

Post race enjoying the ice cold water (you can see Winz in blue to the right in the background snapping finisher photos!)

Rebecca and I enjoying the post-race mist tent!

And don't worry, my dad took plenty of shots of Rebecca too. But I'll let her post those!


The Wrench said...

All right, cameo in the race photo!

Again great job both of you

Rainmaker said...

From a distance, the timing chip photo makes it look like more sketchy activities are occuring.


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