Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New National Marathon Course

I am relieved to report on the new course for the National Marathon. Its similar from years past, only that it is reversed. The good news is that the huge up hill portion which was previously around Mile 18, is now downhill. While I'm sure there are plenty of hills, it appears that some biggest ones are now downhills. The first several miles will be up hill as runners head north from RFK Stadium, but I'd rather do that on fresh legs than have to do it on Mile 18. According to the website, the new course goes through 6 of the city's 8 wards. More details to come once I am able to drive/run sections when I start training in a few months.

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Rainmaker said...

The National Marathon is lots of fun. I did the half last year and had a blast! It's mostly a runners crowd (fairly devoted group of runners in fact), given the early season nature of it and because it's such a new race.

I talked to some of the race director folks at the Army 10 Miler booth, they switched around the course this year and reversed it in an effort to be able to open up larger sections of the city's roads earler in the day. Logical.

Either way - highly encourage it for folks!


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